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spanish tv in the uk.



hello to you all i'm new to this so i'm sorry if its novice question, i am currently studying Spanish and would love to know what FREE :-) Spanish channels can i receive in the north of UK, how much and what would i need. Thanks.


A quick check of a certain satellite mag shows that there is little on the cheap i.e. analogue. What there is can be found on Hot Bird at 13E - two channels. You will need an 80cm dish to play safe, universal LNB and any reasonable analogue receiver (try car boot sale).

On the digital channels, again Hot Bird there are supposed to be at least 8 Free To Air (FTA) channels (4(?) on Astra at 19E). You will need a digital receiver (with built in cam and CI slots for future use (around £230+, although FTA receivers are about £165) plus dish and LNB as above.

With dishes at about £50 and LNB's at about £25 it is not a 'cheap' exercise buying from new.


Cheers for the info. How long do you think the analogue channels will continue broadcasting ? Or would i be better going for digital now ?


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There is another option you might like to consider. Far be it from me to encourage you though...

The whole Spanish Canal+ digital package on Astra1 (19.2east) transmits under Mediaguard (Seca). That system is hacked. With a little ingenuity, a little digging around this board and many others on the internet, and a modest expense, all Taquillas and the rest can be opened.

See the discussion on this board under Ondigital and Smartcards.