Spice platinum mystery

Hi...I have a Samsung DSR 9500 reciever. I am considering buying a spice platinum viewing card. However, my reciever will not show the spice platinum free view. It is always encrypted with the message
"please insert the smart card". The dealer assures me it is always free view. My reciever say's otherwise (Does not make sense to encrypt a freeview). I had used to see it sometimes but now never.

I have also tried re-scanning the channel with no effect...

From another forum a couple of people have indicated to me that spice does sometimes encrypt their free view.

I have no problem with my reciever as regards seeing any other free views from other channels. In that sense my reciever seems to be fine...

Before I can commit to buying a card i need to know if there is a problem with my reciever which just might make a spice card incompatible with my equipment. Therefore I cannot risk a purchase..

The bottom line is can anyone confirm or otherwise as to if spice platinum is encrypting it's free views for some very strange reason.....


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Hi malcom, With the stb you have you can patch it and you will be able too watch spice
free after 11pm. It is part of the TPS package so other adult viewing is availible after
I dont have the stb you have so if patching is a problem I'm sure we can point you in the
right direction.
Regards sonic1


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The encryption problem may be due to the channel joining TPS.

They've had a lot of problems with the channel showing hardcore 24/7 as part of TPS, they change the TPS encryption to cover only midnight (CET) to early morning.

With an official card everything should work OK.


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why pay for it when you can get it for free?... start here:

firmware, files, tutorials, and even a samsung specific forum....


PS - which variant do you have - VIA CI works fine, but some others not.

and there's even a tutorial here:

Thank's guys.

closetosoton. I have the DSR 9500 VIA CI version..

gameboy. Sorry to be so ignorant about such but what does channel joining TPS mean!!!. What is TPS ?? and when did they join as I have seen some freeviews between June and end of last year......Have not looked this year until about a couple of weeks ago and now get nothing at any time of day..


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Hi malcom,
TPS is a package of satellite channels, on Hotbird 13 E, a package is merely a group of channels that a subscription can open, similar to S*y. At present there are only TPS & Cabo that are widely available. For more information on what channels are in the package visit:

I am watching these channels using a Draagon Cam but they are also available with certain patched receivers and other Cams. We used to be able to receive Spice 24 hours, but since the French Government stamped down we can at present only receive it after 11PM, it might be back to 24 hours if they manage to sort out their encryption so that children can't access the channel during the day.
Best wishes