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Apr 18, 2004
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The football channel Sportdigital accomplished in January 2014, a change of transponder on Astra 19.2 degrees East . On the old frequency of the transmitter is only valid until 15 January to receive.
The pay- TV channel Sport Digital takes in January the change to a new transponder on Astra 19.2 degrees East . Since the end of December sends the sports channel parallel to the previous time slot using the new frequency 12 722 MHz horizontal (DVB- S2 symbol rate SR 22 000 , error correction, FEC 3/4) . Adjustments shall be made 8PSK .

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On the old Astra - time slot 10 921 MHz horizontal (DVB -S , symbol rate SR 22 000 , error correction, FEC 7/8) Sport Digital is only valid until 15 Send January parallel , after which the sender , who is now the identifier " Sportdigital old " wears off there. Viewers who want to seamlessly continue to receive the channel , should thus early to make a search, and storing the new time slot in their channel lists.

With the change of transponder Sportdigital takes also the change from DVB- S to the effective transmission standard DVB -S2. Prerequisite for further reception is therefore a receiver or TV , the DVB -S2 support .