Sr-x1600d Super Mkii


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My starsat SR-X1600D super mk II has a STB version of 3.8.4 dated july 9 2003.
I successfully downloaded the SR-X1500D super mkII software. But when I checked the version, is now SR-X1500D super mkII STB 3.8.1 dates september 12 ,2003.

I checked all the menu, all are the same, exept the STB name and version.

I tried Menu > STB > 1234 but still no CAS menu.

I tried to check at present but I dont find any software for SR-X1600D/X1500D super mkII.

Can any body help ?

How to make my receiver at standby mode so that I can download the software from STB to PC via hyper terminal?

anybody can help ?

Many thanks..