SS2 install - You'll be mad to read this

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I am trying to install my SS2 into a new PC that I have built.
The SS2 was installed in my old PC for about 3 years and working fine mainly with ProgDVB software.

The new PC has the old hardrives that were in my old PC and has Windows 2000 as an operating system. The main difference with the new PC and the old PC is a new motherboard and CPU. (plus case & PSU)

The motherboard is an ASUS P5WD2-E Premium i975X with a P4 3.2Ghz CPU. Trouble is I cannot reinstall the SS2.

## I did not uninstall the hardware or any of the software before rebuilding the PC. ## (was this my big mistake?)

When I try to install the SS2, Windows is telling me that it has found new hardware but does not identify it in any way and when even pointing to the SkyNET.inf file on the original CD will not install the drivers. ( I have now uninstalled all software)

ALSO another big problem is that even when the SS2 card is not in the PC; via Control Panel/System/Device Manager is showing an 'other device/unknown PCI device' in yellow.

I did tell you that you would be mad to read this.:-rofl2

Has anybody got any ideas?

Is there some registry entry that I have got to edit somewhere?

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Burnham Beech

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Not much help to you but I will tell you my story.

I tried everything to install an SS2 card in my main PC (with ASUS motherboard) but gave up.

I then installed the SS2 in my creaky old PC I use only as a back up (Elite M:cool: - and it worked straight away, no fuss at all.


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Lots of well documented cases of insanity on the forums using the SS2 and ASUS M/Bs.

Grab a Gigabyte or some other reliable M/B and all will be well again.