SS2 with an external diseqc 1.2 positioner?



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I am concerned about the power drain if I use my SS2 card to drive my Stab HH90 Diseqc 1.2 motor. With the help of members on this forum I did get it working for a day, just long enough to align the H2H arc but then the next day the motor went into silly mode and would only travel from zero to hotbird and back and only when i powered up my PC. The dealer found the motor to be defective and replaced it free of charge.

To be on the safe side I purchased a Stab MSS220 diseqc positioner and now have a seperate short length of coax going to the motor with the SS2 card connected to the LNB only. This has worked without any problems so here is my question:

Could I get back to a single cable solution by placing the MSS220 positioner(mains powered and delivers 18v to the motor/LN:cool: into the SS2/LNB circuit?

My concern is that there may be a conflict between the voltage output of the SS2 card and the postioner. I believe that standalone receivers have a menu option to turn off LNB power is there a similar setting in the SS2 driver - registry setting perhaps?

In an ideal World I would like to power the motor and LNB from the postitioner at the same time as sending diseqc 1.2 commands from my PC to move the motor. Would this be at all possible?

As one motor has alread failed on me I am reluctant to experiment with this setup until I become more comfortable with it. Any tips?