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stb-softcam ;i need a real help !

dear all;

i have a receiver (g-guard 9500 plus FTA) with a (IBM power pc ) inside;this receiver decoded the encryption systems exactly(6) irde2-viaccess2,nagravission..etc.

This receiver is (free to air) ,the original software decodinng the encryption channel's ;no need for additional software.

I am asking if anyone have any information a bout how the software work,and where i can find software like that?

(This reciver comes from the source like that... officialy only FTA )!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Your dealer should really be the first stop in any upgrade via a PC

Why has the dealer not given you the advice you need, or offer to upgrade the receiver for you ?

Does your dealer offer a continued guarantee if you upgrade (though he has said it can be done ) ?