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STB with RS232 port and RX signal Level

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I currently have a NOKIA 221T STB that supports an RSR232 interface for s/w upgrade purpose.

This STB also offers a timer, plus the option to display the received signal strength in dBm, the S/N ratio (in d:cool: and the received Bit Error Rate.

I am looking to add a second STB however another 221T is not an option! - simply because of confliction of trying to control 2 boxes via remotes, in the same room.

Anyone know of another STB that supports equivalent functions?



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Not sure how many boxes have the signal information readily available, but would have thought that the feature was of limited value after the initial setup.

Many have the timer function, the Echostar certainly does, but although I see a lot of boxes in my travels, don't normally delve into the other functions over and above initial channel scan. Have a look at the Thomson boxes, I believe that they also have the option to edit the channel list.