Still have problems with PID's ,- please help guys:(



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hey guys, i know im repeating in this forum but im desperate, im still having problems with pid's that are changing daily, and i dont know how to get fresh info on them ( lyngsat is too late ) or if theres any way around it:
***SORRY TO DO THIS--won't bother you again if no one can help!

hey guys..ive brought this up before, but recieved no answer so i will try again.
Armenia tv has recently "scrambled" however it seems all they have done is changed the PID's, and also when you do a normal channel search the channel no longer comes up, but manually entering the parameters usualyl works. what has been done for them to do this?

they are offering a special reciever to "Decode" the signal, however I know its not coded so obviously there is some way around this, in short what i am trying to ask is how do the people who update the PID on suddenly know that it has changed....and what can i do to keep watching this constantly changnig PID's of video and audio ( i also have another option of changing the PID PCR?? is that anything to do with it)

ALSO-- --is this a cheap way of "scrambling" channels, and how common is it?

talking about ARMENIA TV ( Eutelsat W2 12.725 V 3418 - -PIDs (at this time, although not working as i think changed again) 3601 -3617

please help!


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Tha channel is clear.try-PIDS-5633 5649