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Stream and Telepiu



This is for 2old,

Do you know what the agreed standard for Stream and telepiu are?
You see... They used to use irdeto and seca respectively. MY family are going down to italy in April to pick up a irdeto and stream reciever to muck about with using pirate cards. But now I remember that I heard somewhere that the new single standard is coming in to action in March and that could really muck things up!



P.S. If you want pirate cards or programming equipment or pirate playstation games just go to the centre of Naples and there a dudes on the street that sell ALL of this stuff for less than you could imagine


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Actually, what's happening is that a law has recently been passed in Italy which obliges all satellite providers to tranmit in compatible systems. This means that although they are allowed to use simulcrypt (simultaneously ttransmitting in multiple encryption systems) at least one of them must be common to the other provider(s). Idea is that the consumer only has to buy one bit off hardware (if only all European governments were as enlightened...)

Stream is using Irdeto and NDS/Videoguard
D+/Telepiu is using Irdeto and Seca/Mediaguard