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STRMR 500 image

My Satellite Setup
Malaysia Astro
Windows XP Professional
I want to put together a low-cost iptv system that can multicast real-time satellite TV over an internal LAN. I would like to use multiple dm500s to receive the sat TV programs. I was thinking I could stream the TV program (via dm500s http/port 31339) to vlc which could then multicast it via RTP. I don't want to watch or record the stream.

Should I use the STRMR 500 image even though I will not be using TuxVisionR or other viewer/recorder? I've read in posts that it's optimized for streaming. I want to know if this is only true if using TuxVisionR or is a general improvement for dm500 streaming. The Dreambox comes standard with Enigma. Is the STRMR a complete image replacement or a plugin? If an image I guess I would load this image with the flash updating tools.

Thanks for any help.