STRMR_500_MAXVAR_2.01 image with Stop TV playback


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Jul 19, 2003
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This image is particularly suitable for streaming as it includes a new feature to stop tv screen playback when streaming from dreambox to pc. It has been updated to v2.01 to make it more user-friendly.

- Linux Kernel Version 2.6.9

- Web Interface 5.9.7 - Expert

- Smartcam based Softcam Setup to select and start/restart softcam, stick softcam to service & provider for automatic start

-ECM Info via Softcam Setup

-Install softcam by (1) ftp emu files and edit /var/etc/smartcam.config, or (2) ftp emu package (tar.gz) to /tmp then blue button -> Addon Manager -> Manual Install or (3) via user defined /var/etc/cpanel.xml

-Script Manager for user scripts

-CronManager to schedule cronjobs - Crond included in image

-StopTVplay for superior streaming to pc

-Viewfile to view any file on Dreambox that can be read

-Editfile to edit any file on Dreambox that can be edited

-Infobar with Freq, SR, Pol, Fec, emuname

-Enigma Restart

-Default skin : Matrix D_blue modified for STRMR

-Additional skin included : Matrix MX-6

-Quickbuttons ; blue - STRMR Main Panel, yellow - Plugins, 0 - Softcam Setup

No emulators or keys included.

Regards, pcd.

Image can be found here :-