Strong SRT3720

My Satellite Setup
3.0 GHz P4
22" LCD
120Gb + 500Gb Western Digital HDD
Humax 5400 allcam
3m C band dish
1.2m Ku dish
2 x 90cm Ku Dishes.
My Location
South Africa
Hi Chaps,
I stuffed up my SRT3720 trying to upgrade software-could be a clone unit?
Display only shows 'boot' and no tv picture.
I built a buffered jtag and it detects micro as STi5518MVB-X
This receiver has 29LV160BTTC-70 flash memory installed-when selecting IRD 3900 Jkeys shows this flash ic number(pretty close) - I can read tsop but when trying to erase or write to tsop ,after resetting receiver power and clicking OK within 3 seconds,I get 'flash timeout (DQ5 set)' error report.
Have also tried other IRD options on jkeys with this flash ic but also had no success in programming or erasing flash memory.
I have a mates SRT3720 and have read his flash ( 2 Meg file) and want to program mine with this file.
Is the bootloader also in this 2Mb flash file or is it stored somewhere else?
Any help appreciated from the experienced J taggers as I would like to sort this receiver and gain some experience with J Tag interface also.
Thanks Clanser