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Hi all,

Wondering if someone can validate/unvalidate an issue for me.

I have a 2010 version of Amstrad DRX890 Sky HD box, though will shortly be upgrading to the latest DRX895WL as per my recent thread. All was fine until around a week ago when, I assume, firmware version R015.084.51.02P made its uninvited arrival onto the box. Since then, subtitles on most (but not all) recorded programs have been awful. Many lines missed but I know the subtitles are there since, if I rewind a few seconds, those missing subtitles will appear. Live programs also exhibit this behaviour but nowhere near as bad.

I've noticed this quite bad on the following programmes and channels:

Various BBC1 HD programs (MasterChef, Galapagos)
various Channel 4 shows (Hollyoaks, 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown etc.) - don't judge..

This is clearly a change in the box's firmware since I have this issue on old and new recordings where I know the subtitles were fine.

However, the following are fine:

Fortitude recorded from Sky Atlantic HD
Food Unwrapped from More4 +1

Subtitles on the all channels on the Solo2 box are perfect - recorded and not.

I remember having a similar issue with subtitles 'freezing' on recorded programs back in 2011 when it took Sky months to roll out a firmware update to fix it.

I posted on Sky's "help forum" but noone responded. So, I am wondering whether I am an isolated case or whether noone noticed yet. I did a planner rebuild and that hasn't helped (don't know why Sky CS even bother suggesting this "fix").

Has anyone noticed this issue? Or if you don't have it, which box and what firmware are you running?