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Suggest a digital receiver...



I'm ready to buy a digital receiver (change from analog-one).
It should be worth my money, should not cost much, have two CI-slots and be capable to use non-original Smart-Cards (I'm capable to program them by myself cause of a good IT & electronics knowledge).
I'll be using for the first an IRDETO-CAM, but it doesn't need to be a build-in type (better if it's not).
Has anyone any suggestions? Any special type, which has got good qualities, good reports from users ?
Any (soon) reply helps.
Thanx a lot in advance,

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Sounds like a red rag to all the dealers out there

Been testing a Palcom 2200 CI unit this month - under £200 in this country.

Brilliantly simple, 2 x CI slots on the back (so your kids need never know), full edit of programme lists, loopthrough so you can still use the analogue unit, DiSEqC 1.0, even has operation software to run via the PC and a tetris game built in.

Look at www.palcom.de for the full specs and www.drdish.com for a review carried out in TeleSatellite

Then call me if you are interested

Im not trade - honest guv !