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Sep 28, 2005
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Birth Date:22nd JuneColour:Silver , CopperNumber:4 ,11 ,22Stone:Opal – magnifies your emotions and draws love to you but a powerful stone so don’t wear it if you can’t handle it!Flower:Busy LizziePet:RabbitCareer:Caterer, DJ , NurseKey Features:Idealistic, Tender, InsecureNaturally good at:Having affairsCharacter:You have a very unusual view of love and are led by your heart sometimes without using your commonsense. Love is a drug to you and you pick unusual partners. Nothing but the soul matters to you which leaves you avoiding the real personality of your conquests. Look at the surface as well as the depths of people you are attracted to.Life Path:You can find it difficult to be practical as you are so consumed by your emotions. Having said that you have a kind and open heart and are always tuning into others vulnerability or pain making a job as a nurse or councillor appealing but try not to get over burdened by others needs.Love:You may have had a complicated love life. Things that seem to be too good to be true often are and you make rash choices. When you find the one you will have the secure family you desire. Try an Aquarius who also has Uranus your birth number ruler as their ruler , they should give you freedom and love.Best Present:Trip To The Lakes , A Love Letter