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Sep 28, 2005
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Many happy returns, have a good time.

Birth Date:29th JuneColour:Silver , WhiteNumber:11 ,22 ,2Stone:pearls – Hindu’s used to believe that pearls were made by the influence of the moon your double ruler on the Earth.Flower:Angel TrumpetPet:OwlCareer:psychic , Mother/Father , MidwifeKey Features:Nurturing , Maternal , IntuitiveNaturally good at:Sensing emotions in othersCharacter:You’re a bit of a magical spooky one; you are very tuned into the moods of others and your own spiritual journey. You live life on a deeper level. The good news is that you are intuitive an sensitive and have a strong inner voice which serves you wellLife Path:Because you have an inescapable sixth sense you often know where your life is heading six months before it arrives! However this can make you seem moody to others who do not understand the depth of your perception. Meditating on the full moon will increase these intrinsic powers.Love:You need someone who can understand your ultra feminine nature if you are a woman and your gentle feminine nature if you’re a man, men born on this date have a strong maternal instinct. As your birth number is also ruled by the moon, another Cancer may understand your openness.Best Present:Gold Candle Holder , Trip To The Beach