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Sep 28, 2005
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Wish You all a very Happy Birthday.

Birth Date:13th JulyColour:Light Blue , Silvery WhiteNumber:4 , 13 , 22Stone:Fluorite – opens your mind to your highest truth and knowledgeFlower:Blue BellsPet:NewtCareer:Rocket Scientist , Physics Teacher , EntertainerKey Features:Erratic, Mad Genius , SeriousNaturally good at:Understanding scientific theoriesCharacter:You have the touch of the mad professor in you. You think changeable and jumbled thoughts but strangely they reap you rewards. This is because your unusual mind was built to problem solve and perhaps invent new concepts. However some people just think you’re a bit batty.Life Path:Even if you live a conventional life you have periods of transformation. You may suddenly change career or lover but these dramatic changes always lead you to your greater good. Embrace those times where everything disintegrates for it makes way for a better life.Love:You can suddenly cut off from loved ones and never really feel understood. Decide what it is you want from a partner other than this and you will find it. Try a free spirited Aquarius who is ruled by Uranus your birth number rulerBest Present:Telescope , Book On Astronomy