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Sep 28, 2005
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From all of us to all of You - Have a great day.

Birth Date:20th JulyColour:Silvery WhiteNumber:2 ,22 ,11Stone:Smoky quartz – leads you inside and helps you overcome fear.Flower:GeraniumPet:Miner BirdCareer:Therapist , Bird Handler , Dog TrainerKey Features:Sweet , Open , ManipulativeNaturally good at:Creating harmony in all environmentsCharacter:You long to be accepted and needed and can sometimes go to extremes to get this reassurance .You often work over time and put in extra effort because of insecurity. Your intuitive skills are refined and so you are instantly aware of what others are feeling and often comfort them if they have problems.Life Path:Your strong empathetic nature is great but try not to be manipulative and control those you help. It is essential that you remain objective when listening to others or you end up in many tangled emotional webs of intrigue.Love:You require a partner who is stable and reliable and lets you go off into your wild imagination and does not stifle you. There may have been issues of control in past relationships. Why not try another Cancer as your birth number is ruled by the moon like your sun sign is.Best Present:Candy, A Meal In A Five Star Restaurant