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Happy Birthday to You - have a great time.

Birth Date: 27th July Colour: Red Number: 9 , 18 , 72 Stone: Ruby – A powerful and passionate stone just like you. Flower: Inula Flower Pet: Adopt A Cougar Career: Weightlifter , Fire-fighter , Runner Key Features: Energetic , Argumentative , Stunning Naturally good at: Disagreeing with people Character: You’re a fireball of activity and you hate to be in one place for too long. You need action and uncertainty in your life because you love to overcome it. You can cause a fight over the colour of oranges so need to calm down and learn to release stress in more constructive ways like going hiking or jogging. Life Path: You won’t admit your confrontational persona as you always think it is the other guys fault! Passion is a great release for all that pent up energy so make sure you have lots of quality time with your partner. You love to look good and can be a bit controlling about what your partner wears, that is very naughty so stop it! Love: You’re a goer all right and have a limitless libido. If things get stale in the bedroom you can get itchy feet so you need a firebrand like you as a mate. Why not choose an Aries who has Mars as a ruler which is your birthday ruler. Best Present: Mountain Bike , Skateboard