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Happy Birthday to You, have a great day

Birth Date: 3rd August Colour: Light Green Number: 21,12,9 Stone: Tiger eye – for spiritual and emotional protection Flower: Sunflower Pet: Adopt A Wolf Career: Hunter , Truck Driver , PR Key Features: Spirited , Fearless , Rash Naturally good at: Confronting issues most people ignore Character: You are not one to let sleeping dogs lie, if something is bothering you, you have to clear the air or you get consumed with the problem. Some would describe you as argumentative and you are used to getting your own way. You have had some stunning good luck in your time and do not take failure lightly. Life Path: It is great that you expect to succeed and yes you like to win but perhaps try to wield your charismatic power with a little more gentleness. Following a spiritual path or attending some form of relaxation class will be beneficial to you. You’re a kitten really so remember to play. Love: You have had some gorgeous lovers and others have been quite envious. You seem to stumble on the right person at the right time. You love to be adored and worshiped but also seem to inspire it so good for you! Why not try a Sagittarius who is ruled by Jupiter your birth day ruler? Best Present: A Tai Chi Class , White Water Rafting Adventure