t-1100 has crashed..need help!

hi everybody..

my t-1100plus has crashed at last:p when i was trying to update sw version from 2.13p to 3.05p. i used DMTlink2 program to do it(downloaded from the official web site.)
it connected with the rcv and i started to load 3.05p..%100 done..count..good. thats it, i wait alittle bit and cut the electric. when i openned it, green light always on and never turn red, my remote control is out of work and all settings reset, hw was 6060 but now its 6005, all i did is sw: 3.05p but nothing else, all menu and channels has gone its clear:(
i open the parental lock menu, parental lock is on, install lock is off, i try to enter current password but i can not write there any number because of my remote cntrl. what can i do?? did i load wrong keys?? is there any jumper on the board to fix this..or else:confused
i will try to do somethings to fix it through rs232 but rcv doesnt go to stand-by mode its allways on:confused

thanks for sharing your opinions and experiences..