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im using a technomate 5500 a cas 3 interface. when i programme the t rex loader card and put it in the reciever it says image file missing or something like that and will not load. im using the dragon loader card on the cas 3 software i am loading the predator 331 file on to card is that it or am i missing somthing out. whats this dragonloader.exe thing. and something else as im currently a novice, how do you programme keys in the card when it is in the reciever i know you go to debug but what after that. sorry for the long question but i cant find a site that details anything.




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Hi bazzar,
I personally don't have a Cas 3, I use an Infinity programmer for my loader card, but I came across these instuctions for updating a Dragon Cam(T-Rex) using a Cas 3.
Programming Dragoncam / T-rex using dummy card.

connect one end of 20pin ribbon cable to cas3
and the other end to dummy card.
insert Dragoncam into pcmcia slot of cas3
and insert dummy card into dragoncam slot (contacts facing up)
insert usb cable, and start cis software.
click cam module, then other cams, then Dragoncam.
select cam version, either ( 2.x ) or ( 3.x - 4.x )
click file name [...] and navigate to required *.dra
a new window opens...(common interface host)
select Dragonload. then click the Enter Selected button
select "Yes, Load Module", then Enter Selected button.
dragoncam will now be loaded with selected file.
a progress monitor will be shown in dragoncam loader window.
wait for loader successful, then remove cam.
The latest Predator is 332 and can be found on the Dragon Cam web site:
To update the keys you access the Dragon Cam menu, using your receivers remote control, and navigate to the debug menu and the relevant key and imput the Dec keys.
Best wishes