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Sep 24, 2012
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Price hikes, nobody likes price hikes and this latest revelation by TalkTalk will not leave customer’s feeling happy at all. From May 2014, the prices are increasing and TalkTalk have decided that customer’s should pay up to £42 a year more for their broadband and TV Package. The biggest shock to come from all of this is the fact that this is the second price rise in six months, and that is what leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of customers.

TalkTalk’s current offerings of their Plus TV package sets customer’s back £15.50 a month, but come May, this will rise to £18.50, this is almost a 20% rise in the monthly cost. Their other popular additions to this are the Essentials TV package and low-cost SimplyBroadband which will be increased by £1 a month, meaning that the cost is £8.50 and £3.50. The line rental that they offer will be increased by 55p a month which is in addition to the 43p rise per month that will be introduced in September 2014. This brings the cost of their line rental up to £15.95 a month.

For those people who decide to join TalkTalk, they will immediately have to pay the new prices but existing customers will see their monthly costs increase from the 1st May. However, in an attempt to justify the increase in prices, those customers with Plus TV will be delighted to find out that they will now find themselves with seven Sky Channels that include Sky 1 and Sky Sports News.

The whole broadband market was rocked in September after TalkTalk launched their super low-cost SimplyBroadband package, but regardless of the latest increase in price, comparison websites still maintain that it is still the lowest priced broadband available and that it absolutely cannot be beaten on price. However for those people who are not particularly happy with the increase in price there is a broadband support forum that can be used to discuss this issue as well as other providers should they wish to move.

However, TalkTalk is the only well-known broadband provider that offers a basic broadband only package and now that more people than ever no longer use a landline, they are not happy paying that little bit more for inclusive calls on their landline package. In comparison to other broadband providers, the Essentials package that TalkTalk offer will still be much cheaper than their competitors who also offer broadband and TV packages. The rival that offers a similar package that is closest in price is BT, who charge £15 a month plus the cost of paying landline. Taking a look at the broadband support forum will show what all other competitors offer and how they vary in price as well as discussing the customer service issues that have really made life difficult for TalkTalk.


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