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I am hoping to find a fellow forum member who might be using an OPENBOX Receiver. I am having a spot of bother understanding how to upgrade the new keys INTO the Openbox x800.

My x800 information screen tells me that I have Boot Loader 1.00
The Software Version is OA 10 V00 4.64
The Hardware Version is Openbox x_800
and the last update was January 25 2006

ALTERNATIVELY, can I use a DIFFERENT Programme and DIFFERENT Update keys to OVERWRITE what is currently on the receiver..... if so, what would your suggestion be for a BETTER Programme and Key combination???

I had the receiver installed on January 25th this year.
The man who installed it, did not show me how to upload these keys INTO the x800. Since then I have lost my Tequilla and Multivision channels off Eurobird, Hotbird and Hispastat.

I understand HOW the ZIP file works.
But, what I CANNOT remember is HOW to get this file FROM my laptop INTO the Openbox receiver...

I have the latest KEYS, version 4.79
I also have the GASI ALLUPDATER Version 1.00 Programme and AND the USB to Serial Cable to connect the Laptop to the Openbox x800 receiver.

However, what I do NOT know.... is HOW do I get the keys INTO the Receiver.

I remember that I have to switch Off the Receiver
and then connect the cable to the laptop.
I THINK that I then have to send some Numbers from the Remote Control to the Receiver
I think that I then have to switch the receiver ON Again.......

I do NOT know the ORDER in which this happens, and I also do NOT know the NUMBERS used from the Remote Control....

I would be very grateful if a kind hearted forum user had the Time to explain these procedures to me.
Then i will be able to update the New keys, each time that they appear on
h**p://fil*s.satellite-systems.de or h**p://sat.n*t.ua/ind*x.php?Lev=files&get=Satellite_Receivers/OpenBOX/OpenBOX-X800/

Meanwhile.... THANK YOU VERY MUCH for assisting me so far and I hope that you can explain what i now need to know.............



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Cant help you with the rceiver, but I can tell you that whatever you do, you arent going to get Tequilla back at the moment - its shut out after the last weeks encryption tweak.