Technisat uhd s receiver set up problem


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Oct 12, 2003
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Somewhere in England (possibly?)!
Well, I got a very short reply from "sattvnoone" simply telling me to contact EMP-Centauri directly!

Therefore I have just sent the following message to their export department (through which I bought stuff before becoming aware of "sattvnoone"):

"Good afternoon

I have successfully purchased EMP-Centauri products via listings on ebay UK that show “sattvnoone” as the seller, and they soon arrived in packaging sealed with EMP-Centauri tape and with one of your own invoices inside! – but, now, purchasing via that route, seems to have a problem, as follows:

Over the weekend, and according to this eBay listing placed by “sattvnoone”, “he” has a large number of the following units for sale. However, when a friend in the UK tried to purchase this unit yesterday, he got a message from the eBay Checkout process saying that it is "unavailable from this seller", and when I tried to do the same thing I got a different message saying "Sorry, we can't complete your checkout at this time. Please try changing your item quantity or check your account status" !!!

I sent “sattvnoone” an ebay message asking for an explanation of the situation, and his reply a few minutes ago stated simply:

“Please contact directly EMP-Centauri company in Czech Republic.

Best Regards”

  • please can you explain the situation?
  • Is there a general issue for people in the UK trying to purchase your equipment via “sattvnoone”?
  • is the S8/1PCN-3 switch is actually available to purchase?
Thanks in advance."