Technomate 5500 dapci/MR/Cas2



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Memory 1024 MB DDR RAM - (2x 512 MB - PC3200)
Motherboard ECS 915P-M3
Hard Drive 300GB Maxtor DiamondMax SATA 6B300S0 Skystar 2 usb 1.1mtr steerable dish Manhattan XT[CM, Quali 1080ir
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Please excuse me if this is posted in the wrong section, but have read through a lot of postings today but cannot find one that answers my problem. I have the items mentioned in the title of the post, have loaded my MR on the Cas2 with MULTI EMU Prog, have then put the cam in the tech, but it is not giving me clear channels on the channels that I have tried on 13 & 19 E. I know that my cam with the same programme is working on a Manhatten ok. Is there something I am doing wrong on the tech. I noticed that when I had working on 1w [now not available] that if I wanted to change anything in the menu and go to the main menu, then CI it would come up and tell you what card was in the machine, and you could carry on from there. But with the MR cam in and MULTI EMU loaded it just says MULTI EMU, when you click on it, it does nothing, but maybe it is not supposed to. Becoming very frustrated, and wondered if any of you knowledgable people out there can give me and answer, as I sit here in hope, thank you. Regards