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Hi guys, just took delivery of a Technomate 5500 with matrix reloaded cam, just need a dish now - for motorised system, exactly what is it I need with regards lnb, cable, brackets, motor etc. I take it Astratech is most recommended supplier? Im in Scotland so I guess 1m minimum dish? At the moment, could I expect to get anything worthwile plugging it into my sky dish? Just to check line of sight thingy, if im looking at my sky dish pointing at 28.2 deg how does that go (clockwise, anti clockwise) for 1deg w to 30 deg e. ie how much further round clockwise anti clockwise.


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Good to hear you are into watching the world rather than the offerings of one provider

In Scotland the Eastern satellites probably stop with Astra 2 (28 East) though you may be lucky enugh to get some channels from 36 or 42 East with a dish of 1m. Everything else is further to the right (clockwise, looking from the top of the dish )

East satellites drop down in number to 0 at true South and then West starts incrementing right of this point.

There are plenty of suppliers around, sometimes to ensure the dish arrives safely its worth collecting it yourself from a local shop, however Astratech certainly has a good name for mail order items.

28 East to 30 West would be about half the sky you can see from Scotland and approximately the same elevation, everything in between is slightly higher in the sky, in an arc highest at the South point.


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Astratech certainly seem to be popular, but I guess that they should be as they have sponsored the Satdudez site for a long time and it is forbidden to give details of any other suppliers there. You may do yourself a some good by looking at the site of one of our advertisers Stevie, looks like ScotSatellites have what you are looking for and probably an equal selection of dishes.