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Hi, I'm posting this for a friend as he just got a Technomate 7755. Sorry, but I don't know much about these things so if anyone responds, please make it simple! :p Anyway, he has patched the box to try and unscramble channels but only seems to get a few channels each time. He has followed every instruction thrown at him and seems to be getting nowhere. Could having a stationary and not a motorised dish cause a huge problem? He doesn't seem to get a great signal and scanning for channels seems to take forever! Also, does he definately need a card in one of the slots for unscrambling channels? Any help would be appreciated and I apologise if none if this made sense, I did say I know nothing about them! Cheers in advance! :)



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Difficult to answer the question without knowing what the stb is patched with, what satellite you are pointing at, what dish size etc. Obviously if the dish is not motorised then you will not get many channels at all so perhaps a starting point would be a list of what you do get ATMIT :rolleyes: