Technomate help & advice please !!!!

My Satellite Setup
Humax VA-Fox (Viaccess Card Slot)
1.1m Triax Dish
0.3 LNB
HH110 Motor
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Hello everyone,

Can you help me please?

My system:
1.1m Triax dish
Humax VA-Fox (1xViaaccess card slot)
Manhattan HH Motor
Sharp 0.3 LNB

I'm a beginner in the satellite game and I am going to change my receiver this week and I am still not sure of some of the possibilities.

I have narrowed the choice down to two receivers:
Technomate TM-7800 CX 2CI (Connax embedded +2Cam slots) and TM-7755 2VA 2CI (2VA slots and 2 Cam Slots)

They seem pretty much similar and I have been told that they are both "patchable" and since I want to watch football and movies I don't know which one I should go for.

Why would you want 2 Viaacess slots in the same receiver? (in the 7755)

If you have Conax embedded and 1 card slot, does this mean you can only put a Conax card in the card slot? (in the 7800CX) or can one put some of these unofficial cards in this slot?

Which one of these receivers do you think would suit me more?

Many thanks for your help



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My Satellite Setup
Technomate TMS-1500 CI+ "patched" receiver, 90cm p/f 36v motorised dish, Inverto C120 0.3db LNB, Moteck V-Box 2, Packard Bell 6052 XP Home computer, Toshiba A60 laptop, and lots of Russian Vodka !
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Hi tinman, "as it says on the tin" conax cam for conax cards, and viaccess cam for viaccess cards.
Have you thought about the Technomate TM-1500ci+, which has a "magic card reader" which is a cam that can read many different types of cards, as well as a cam slot. I think you will also find it a bit easier to "patch" than the other two, meaning that it has more patches to chose from.