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technomate tm5500 cip and mr cam help please



hi im a newbie to this,ive just had a motorised dish installed with a mr cam ,i was told the cam would pick up various channels without a card ie kanal,multivision ect,but it wont pick anything up without a card in,the installer said the cam had been updated with the latest software 1.1 anyone any idead thanx in advance
Hi Awols,

The MR 1.70 works in my friends [Humax] Box (with and without T*t) but, although initialising ok, wont perform the same magic in my Technomate 5500 cip even though it has the latest software!

I posted more or less the same question as you in another forum and I got just 2 responses, both saying they run a MR & T*t combination in their 5500cip's without any problem!

I am confused as you.