TechnoSat 6000+dragon cam compatibility

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I own a Technosat 6000+ receiver for which I recently bought the latest dragon cam. Whenever the cam is in use, it descrambles but the picture gets to a very low quality which means with multi color pixels popping up on screen, sound lagging and would eventually get after 3 min back to the scrambled mode with no options of switching between the channels either. The only way to get the picture back would be to pull the cam back and forth.

Unfortunately, even having updated the firmware to v. 3.23 I'm still getting this problem. Is there a specific firmware at all that would support the cam or is it definetely a non-compatibilty issue between the receiver & the cam? Or would it be a setup issue within the receiver maybe?

Any suggestions would be more then welcome as I'm keen to get to the bottom of this whatever it may take.

ps: I have tested the cam with another receiver (Humax) and it worked like a treat. Therefore I don't think that the cam is anything to be blamed for.