technosat 9700 key editing menu / encrypted channels after upgrade



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I upgraded my technosat 9000 ultra with 13sep04/ dsrsoftware.
I did get the new interface / green background instead of the old blue one.

but now all the channels to my surprise are encrypted including the ones who were clear before upgrade.

I can't view or activate the extra hidden menu (code editing by remote control) by pressing the same sequence as in old software.

Is there something I missed, like activating the new patch.
I thought this is a patched soft and once installed it should decrypt some channels.

I did flash the update keys bin included in the zip.

can you help me how to bring the edit code to show in the menu and make the channels decrypt.
also, with this reciever, you could enter hex keys individually via remote, but for a lot of keys is it possible to input it using computer and cable.
and what format, does it have to be bin or it be hex extension.

thanks for all