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Technotrend Premium DVB-C Card + ProgDVB
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Hi everybody,

I wonder if anyone can help me! :) I know this isn't technically a satellite DVB card but the principles should be roughly the same.

I currently have a Technotrend DVB-C Premium card which I use successfully with ProgDVB, Yankse, and a Softcam key in Windows.

While the setup works, it doesn't really do what I want, which is to stream TV over the network using VLC (Or at least watch it using VLC), and have some sort of interface for changing the channel quite easily.

I'm fairly proficient with Linux, and I got the card working fine, however I couldn't find a way to descramble the content - I researched various things (mgcam, etc) to no avail.

What I would like is:

Streaming with VLC
Ability to script channel changing
Softcam decryption with a Softcam.key style file

Is this currently possible? I see LinVDR supports a softcam, but unfortunately recording isn't a priority for me.

Any and all suggestions appreciated! :)