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Ten channels shuffle in Sky EPG


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Ten channels shuffle in Sky EPG

The Lifestyle & Culture section of the Sky EPG has become the latest area to be reshuffled.

As with the Entertainment section reshuffle of last month, any channel that did not have any current plans for their additional number has lost access to this.

Of all the affected channels - from Performance Channel onwards - The Baby Channel, Overseas Property TV and Living In Spain TV decided to remain at their current positions.

A list of the new lineup can be found below:

270 - Performance Channel
272 - Fashion TV
273 - Real Estate TV
274 - Real Estate TV +1
275 - Wine TV
276 - Discovery Travel & Living
277 - Wedding TV
278 - Wedding TV +1
279 - XLeague.TV
280 - Horse & Country TV
285 - The Baby Channel (remained same)
287 - Overseas Property TV (remained same)
293 - Living In Spain TV (remained same)

Regards Satdude.