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thank you very much for your support i download the software.

Sir as I mention that I am a new in this field please tell me how to use the software I will be very greatful to you.

I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

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I C&P this from my earlier post on another forum.

Hello All,
Did my 19th cam today,

First get the CAS interface, complete with power supply and printer cable.
Put in your bios the printer port to ECP, if not already done.

Install software Studio 2.1 from the (www. in front) site.

Get the .bin and .cas files to put on the cam.

Put them on a spot you can find them back

Put the interface card carefully in the slot of the cam to be programed, the cam is in the reciever to get power, the reciever on, and put it on an Free To Air channel.
Connect interface with computer with printer cable, a 1 on 1 cable fully wired, when done apply the power from the power supply.

Open the Studio 2.1 proggie.

Click connect. you now see the proggie detects the chip.

Click erase all, you see a counter go to block 34.

Chose Xilink write, get file Matrixxxx.cas, click open, and you see the blue bar progress fast.

Then Open file: select the MR1.03.bin, open,

Go to flash function and click write.

A blue bar will now start to progress, and do a small section fast, then back to slow, the counter tells you what part of the chip is written.

Depending on the speed of your computer you use, this can take from hours with a slow computer to 20 minutes on my notebook P4 at 2.4 Ghz.

When the last part is done, a screen pops up telling you programming is done, and verified succesfull.

Disconnect power from the interface, pull interface card, and cable.

Pull cam, and re-insert, it now comes up as MR 1.03.
If not, put a card in the cam, retract after a few seconds.
This will kick start the emulator

Have it search on each package for 20 to 30 seconds, after that switching channels is very fast.

Have fun

Hope this helps,


I have a problem, please help me !

I’ve bought a STRONG SRT 4355 Evolution receiver and a MATRIX REVOLUTION cam with original Mrev 2.12 software. A tried it on the Hotbird (Polsat, CFI Peco Pro, etc.) with new keys but it doesn’t decode the channels. The receiver recognises the cam, and I can browse in the Mrev 2.12 menu, I can edit the keys etc., but It doesn’t decode the channels.

I read in more forums that this receiver works MATRIX Reloaded cam with Mrev 2.12 software. What is the problem ?