That Genie again.....

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A bashful young man is in love with a beautiful girl - they both work in the same office, but she doesn’t know he exists. Without an inkling of how to make his presence known to her, he is walking along Bournemouth beach, pondering his dilemma and hoping for inspiration.

As he trudges through the soft sand, the young man catches his toe on something hard. He probes a bit with his foot and unearths a small, oddly shaped, metal box. About to kick it away, he notices purple smoke issuing from the box. The smoke forms into a swirling cloud and a genie appears.

“Master.” Says the genie, genuflecting. “You have released me from my incarceration and for this service I can grant you a wish. What do you desire?”

“Oh!” Exclaims the surprised young man. “Please make the girl I love fall in love with me.”

“Master.” Says the genie, shaking his head. “I am sorry, but this I cannot do. It is forbidden for me to tamper with the emotions of the human mind. But you can command me to create something for you or you can ask me a question - I am all-knowing.”

Disappointed, but after thinking for a minute, the young man says, “Well, I’ve got family and friends in Australia and I would like to visit them - but I don’t like flying. Can you make me a motorway road to Australia, so I can drive there?”

The genie’s expression is troubled as he replies, “Master, such a wish will use up all my powers. After granting this wish I will have to return to the box.” In a pleading tone, the genie continues, “Master please, I beg of you, make another choice and spare me further imprisonment.”

The young man is a bit taken aback by the genie’s plight and mutters, “That was all I really wanted.” But after pondering for a while, his thoughts focus again on the love of his life and he says, “Okay, then - this is it. You are all-knowing, what I wish for, most of all, is a complete understanding of women. Explain women to me and I will be happy!”

The Genie lowers his head and remains silent for a very long time, deep in thought. Eventually and resignedly, he looks at the young man and says, “Master, do you require street lighting and rest areas on your road to Australia?”