The launch of AMC-9 satellite is scheduled to the end of April



Paris, March 25, 2002 - The AMC-9 communications satellite left Alcatel Space's Cannes plant during the night of March 21-22 for shipment to the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. This satellite was built for the American operator SES AMERICOM, an subsidiary of SES GLOBAL company. Its launch is scheduled end of April, using an ILS Proton K Breeze-M rocket.
Based on Alcatel Space's Spacebus 3000B3 platform, AMC-9 is fitted with 48 transponders (24 Ku-band, 24 C-band) and will be positioned at 72 West. It will enable SES AMERICOM to optimize and expand its digital TV broadcasting, data transmission and telecommunication service offerings in the North American market (CONUS, Canada, Mexico and Caribbean).

AMC-9 will weigh about 4,100 kg at launch, with beginning-of-life electrical power of 10 kW, and a design life exceeding 18 years.