The Lights are on But No Ones Home!


Salty Tech Monster Bod
My Satellite Setup
Protek 9750 HD IP, Spiderbox 9000HD. Cryptik Digital H-H Mount with1.2m Oval Dish and a box in the garage consisting of 2 obsolete STBs, various Cards and a couple of cams!
My Location
South East England
Thats the case of this thick fat Huge big mouthed American neighbour I have the displeasure of living near!......Last Friday coming home from work I could'nt help noticing (and many others it would seem!) her parked Ford fiesta as I drove past plimsole white in HUGE LETTERS it had written on it FRANCE 6 ENGLAND 0...Well the local teenagers showed her just how patriotic and passionate us Brits are about our footy in the way of house bricks regually put through it's windows not to mention the odd dent from a well placed boot :D :D :D :D Only problem that my wife and I had over that weekend was not getting much sleep because of the noise of this car being wrecked and Police sirens! :mad: