The OLED race hots up

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Jun 26, 2007
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At the Society for Information Display (SID) event currently taking place over in the US, Sony announced it plans to forge ahead in the nascent OLED race.
Ever since the Japanese electronic behemoth unveiled an 11 inch OLED TV to the world last year, the interest in OLEDs displacing LCD as the number one display has increased.
With the likes of Samsung, Sumitomo and Toshiba all gunning for the title of OLED king, it’s no surprise Sony has decided to protect its lead.
Big money
Sony will invest approximately 22 billion yen (£108 million) to improve its lead in the medium to large size OLED race. Samsung SDI is currently one of the largest suppliers to the mobile phone display market, but Sony sees the future OLED TV industry as the place to be in the future.
According to Yoshito Shiraishi, general manager of e-products and business development of the TV business group, the company will expand its capacity at Sony Mobile Display, enabling the plant to turn out even larger size OLED panels by March 2010.
However, Sony still expects its shipments of LCDs to go up by around 40% this year, so the OLED race will take a long time to win if LCDs keep growing in popularity.