The Real Mile High



What really goes on behind the cockpit doors? How do cabin crew really view their passengers and each other? The Real Mile High is an entertaining behind the scenes look at the real world of air stewarding

Including revealing interviews with cabin crew sharing their passenger experiences - both good and bad - and reconstructions highlighting the best and worst moments at altitude, The Real Mile High will make people think twice about ever flying again!

Ex-flight attendants spill the beans on naked captains flying planes, Mile High Club s_x stories, drunken passengers causing havoc and pilots receiving sexual favours mid flight. For those who thought Sky One’s drama Mile High was outrageous, nothing compares to real life.

Glamour model Leah Dowling tells how she had mile high s_x with a complete stranger she met on a flight to Ibiza. Following lusty looks and sultry stares across the aisle, the pair were hot-footing it to the loos for “10 great minutes of passion”. We also hear about other raunchy exploits by horny passengers and how pilots and air hostesses often use the crew rest area for anything other than rest…

The Real Mile High can be seen exclusively on Sky One on Sunday 6 April at 9.00 pm, followed by the fictional version, Mile High at 10.00 pm.