The Trouble With Reality Tv



Fifteen minutes of fame or fifteen minutes of shame? The Trouble With Reality TV comes hot from the current Producer of I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here and joins those who’ve jumped on to the reality juggernaut to find out whether the ritual humiliation, the tears and the tantrums were really a price worth paying.

The Trouble With Reality TV examines the cultural phenomenon dubbed ‘car crash TV’, to discover just what has gripped, fascinated and appalled audiences since Big Brother first burst onto our screens some four years ago.

We’ll meet those who’ve starred in some of the small screen’s biggest hits – Big Brother 1,2 & 3, Pop Idol, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here . . . and find out how it changed their lives for better and for worse. For some it’s been a fast track to fame and opportunity while others have returned to their previous, rather less glamorous lives.

Why is Joe Public so addicted to the fighting and feuding. Does it bring out the worst in us, or is it just harmless fun? We relive some of the most addictive yet cringe-making highlights of the reality show genre and meet again those contestants who’ve now become household names. What really went on during the making of the shows and what life’s been like since?

We watch from the wings as reality TV’s biggest villain, “Nasty” Nick Bateman comperes the Rocky Horror Show in Milton Keynes while Rik Waller’s still trying to hit the big time in Rochester of all places! Big Brother likely lads PJ and Spencer try their hand at presenting a breakfast radio show while “love-rat” Lee Davey still can’t resist centre stage and is found strutting his stuff with the Dreamboys. Never one to miss a PR opportunity, Christine Hamilton cashes in with an after dinner speech at Huddersfield Football Club - forgetting of course that she neither likes nor knows anything about the game!

The Trouble With Reality TV can be seen exclusively on Sky One on Wednesday 14th May at 10.00pm