The waterproof mobile on your wrist

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Jun 26, 2007
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The EP2502 cellphone watch may not be the first of its kind in terms of technology – but it is the first that won’t have children screaming at its looks.
The 1.3inch OLED touchscreen display (128 x 160, 260k colours) is nicely inconspicuous, housed in a metal case and strap.
Mobile phones crammed into a watch have been one of the ‘gadgets of the future’ since the days of Dick Tracy, but with the advent of Bluetooth headsets have been seen increasingly, especially from the Asian markets.
The EP2502 does indeed have the necessary Bluetooth, but the other specs are pretty impressive too. A 2 megapixel camera, Transflash card support (512mb boxed, extendable to 2gb) and MP3/MP4 playback.
Tough cookie
Designed to be shockproof, the watch is also tipped as ‘the world’s first waterproof mobile phone’ though to what waterproofing standards is yet to be seen.
The waterproofing claim is further tested by the presence of an OLED screen; yes, it look lovely, especially at smaller sizes due to the fast motion and thin form factor, and it does reduce battery life in certain cases.
However, OLEDs are notoriously pervious to water / air / anything else in the atmosphere, so this will have to have some pretty high-end sealing technology to survive underwater.
Still, at only $299 (£150) it’s a veritable bargain if you like wearing trenchcoats and solveing mid-20th Century crimes.