Theatre HD unleashed

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Jun 26, 2007
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Kodak has been busy of late, announcing products here, there and everywhere, but this latest announcement is definitely that little bit special.

The Kodak Theatre HD Player is an all-in-one system that combines web content with your own personal content - i.e. the stuff found on your PC.

The box allows you to view HD images at 16:9 aspect ratio and video at 720p. Though it won't allow every web channel, Kodak has lined up content from a variety of sites including FrameChannel (a media sharing site), YouTube (we think you know what this is) and RadioTime (an online radio station).

There's also a variety of USB drives and SD memory cards, so the system is primed and ready to play your content.

All about the Flickr

In a tie-up with Flickr, Kodak has also sorted out its own Kodak gallery where you can share your images via the Theatre HD Player.

In other Flickr/Kodak related news, the electronics company is also releasing a new wireless digital frame range that also has Flickr accessibility.

The catchily titled W1020 and W820 frames have a res of 800 x 480, an aspect ratio of 16:9 and screens sized 10in and 8in respectively.

As mentioned, both frames are wireless and have connectivity to Flickr's Kodak gallery, so you can display a load of your pictures via the internet, rather than relying on the storage of the screens themselves.

Both the Kodak Theatre HD Player and the wireless digital photo frame range will be out later this year. No prices have been announced, but we will as always keep you informed.

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