There’s something infectious about Mary



An e-mail making the rounds that claims to contain mature content is actually a Trojan horse that will take control of a user's machine and steal private information, TechWeb News reports.

The Trojan called Sysbug.A comes with the subject heading of 'Re[2]:Mary' and claims to contain images of the message's author having wild s_x with a girlfriend.

“Hello my dear Mary,” the e-mail's message opens. “Do you remember when we were having wild s_x in my house? I remember it all like it was only yesterday. You said that the pictures would not come out good, but you were very wrong, they are great.”

In fact, the compressed file attachment -- in .zip format -- contains a Trojan horse which when launched, infects Windows systems and attempts to steal private information, including e-mail account usernames and passwords and dial-up Internet account usernames and passwords. Any information it hijacks from the PC can be retrieved by the attacker.