Thor 1,2 & 3

Thanks for a great forum.

I have a problem with receiving satellite signals from Thor 1, 2 & 3.

My original home place is located at lat: 59:55:22N, lon: 10:48:53E, but because of some women stuff some years ago, I moved to lat: 47:17:16N, lon: 2:23:06W . Ever since I have missed my favourite channels on TV. So, I bought a 130 cm dish (very expensive) and a Pinnacle PCITV card and thought everything would appear on the PC screen. Unfortunately the signals where about the same as with the old 80 cm dish (Hotbird, Astra and near satellites are working fine), so I was not able to receive any channels. I have read a lot about how to install the feed-horn correctly e.g. DxD/16d, but with a oval dish which has not a symmetrical shape, it’s not obviously how to install the feed-horn correctly. Does anybody have any idea how to direct me to a good result?