Through pic eeprom loader file needed



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I am trying to load my first gold card with files for viaccess via a digimax programmer that i have recently purchased.
The supplier informs me that i need a through pic program to load the eeproms first.
Can any one point me in the right direction to locate such a loader file and any other info for a new "digifile-home-upgrader" such as myself.

I will be using the ICPROG & New Digimax programmer with a new goldcard.
Quite frankly- i'm at my wits end.
I never had this fuss with D2MAC and faithful keymasterV.

Thanks to all users of this group for the sound advice they have given in the past and I beleive that I will not be alone when I say your help is very, very much apreciated!!!


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For the PIC 16F84 chip as used in a goldwafer, there are many different versions of loader file around that when placed on the PIC give read/write access to the 24c1 eeprom.

Not all loaders work reliably. It depends on your programming device. Best thing to do is to test a few and find the one the works most reliably, then keep it - always using that in preference to whatever might be packaged with the pic/eepom fileset you happen to have downloaded.

Find attached a collection of loaders which work with varying degrees of success for me, and some I haven't tested at all. In addition to these I have 20 others that do not work at all for me but which frequently get distributed in the downloads - I haven't included those.