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THX Tune-up

Discussion in '3D 4K and Ultra HD TV' started by Chris1979, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Chris1979

    Chris1979 Ad eundum quo nemo ante iit.

    Mar 2, 2014
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    My Satellite Setup:
    Gibertini OP150, Motek H180 H2H.
    Amiko S100 SMR99G H2H.
    Technomate 88cm Mesh SMR99G H2H.
    Sky Mini Dish on 28.2°E as Freesat.
    ISS 1.0m, Triax TD88, Gibertini 125.

    Dr HD D15, TBS6983, TM5302 x2, Vu Duo.
    My Location:
    South Somerset.
    I have had my new sony tv for a couple of days and very happy with it :)

    I wanted to setup the tv up properly so I ordered myself a lightning to hdmi adapter Lightning to HDMI Cable Adapter (6.6ft/2m), USAMS 4K 1080P Plug and Play Lightning Digital AV Adapter Connector HDTV Cable for Select iPhone, iPad and iPod Lightning to HDMI Cable Adapter , USAMS 4K 1080P Plug: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics so I can mirror my phone screen.

    Next I used an app called thx tune up screen shots below

    IMG_2521.PNG IMG_2522.PNG IMG_2523.PNG IMG_2527.PNG IMG_2528.PNG IMG_2529.PNG IMG_2530.PNG

    So far it's done a brilliant job, I can highly recommend this app.

    I just followed the instructions at each stage.
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