titanium card recovery tool software


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Dear M8s

I am attaching a new software for recovery of those titanium cards that do not sent ATR information to pc at the time of programming. I have not used this software and be careful of using it .please reply to my post if you tried it .
The text file in the attached zip is in Spanish.




Believe it when I see it Admin.
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This is a google translation of the read-me from the zip file:

Good, the purpose of this small program is to try to recover the ATR to those cards that are it "lost". The program which does is to make a Reset to the card, and next send the same Worm that envia the SorryShackes, that is to say, makes just like if him dieramos to the flechita and the Disable (but with this metodo but the probable thing it is that it leaves a callus to us). The ATR Resureccion estara sending the Worm and making the Reset, until the ATR is the correct one. Once of correct ATR, the program will stop, and you dira that the card has recovered. Greetings East NaSeR P.D. program is even a Beta, if encontrais algun failure or what is, please to say it to me.
As with all of these things, use it at your own risk, but I guess that if your card isn't working, there isn't much to lose.

Thanks hfathollahi.