Titanium Saveeep problem Dish Network

I have no problem programming my tit card. I am using the latest 1.4 hex. My problem is I absolutly cant saveeep. Every time I do it errors out. I get the following

Script Error on Line 30
Sc.Read: Timeout Reading Data From Card - 135 Bytes Requested, 133 Bytes Read

I am using winexplorer 5.0. I have tried it on all 3 of my computers. All are running xp pro. I am using a dssrev programmer which is the best programmer I have ever used. Like I say it programs perfect but no saveeep. Has anyone else seen this problem. Thanks in advance. Porky. By the way I have both downloaded the tit software again and also had my buddy email the software he is using which is the same as I am using and still no problem. I have very few hairs left on my head. By the way I have 3 tit cards and they all do the same thing.


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Configure WinExp for Echostar 3.68Mhz and try that. Otherwise if you are no at 1.06 do update. Erase and re-burn the .hex & .eep, load bin again and try a read.